No contacts in my pidgin window

I’m using Pidgin, the connexion is working and there ´s nothing in the debug window. I can’t any functions, add a contact, join a discussion or send a message. Have you ever had this problem. I ´ve tried with and without VPN, with ans without firewall,with and without antivirus

What protocol have you created an account for, and is that account enabled in the account manager?

Thank you.
I have created an XMPP/Jabber protocol. On, I have installed several clients such as Psi+, Pidgin messagerie and Gajim

Sorry for the delay, things have been hectic.

Have you added anyone to your contact list yet? If not then nothing will show up there.

No problem at all the delay. I can’t add Someone is impossible the part is frayes out

Weird. That shouldn’t be grayed out if the account is connected. There’s no errors in the bottom of the buddy list window? Does anything show up in the debug window if you have it open and then disable and re-enable the account?

Yes, it’s suite strange, i don’t see anything abnormal on thé Debugg window, and î’ve installed pidgin, gajim and psi+. Thé resultat is same.

Are you able to send a message to anyone?

No i can’t do it. Certainly! “Neither send a message nor join a conversation.”


In that case your account has to not be connected. Whats the account manager window look like?

so the lack of color in the xmpp icon tells me that the account is not connected, but this could be because it’s trying to connect to the socks 5 proxy and is hanging there. That should time out, but some times it doesn’t.

Can you verify that the proxy is working? Also if you’re trying to connect over TOR you’ll want to select that as the proxy type rather than socks 5.Also unless you set the proxy up yourself, it’s unlikely to be running on port 5222 as that’s the XMPP port.

Saouls I change anything in this window? I puy thé IP and port i had set in pidgin in pro y modification. But I had no access to thé internet at all

Well for starters, I don’t speak French (I’m guessing here) so I can’t read all of that :slight_smile:

That said, I have no idea what your internet setup is like so I don’t know if you need a proxy setup or not. That’s decided by whoever is running your network which could be you?

Do you know that you need to use a proxy at all? Proxies are used in specific situations and not very common.

Sorry for the French page !!! indeed, when I Go to proxy settings. Automatic proxy configuration / Automatically detect settings is enabled. That’s All i can say for the proxy.

I see the GNOME (I think) proxy settings are automatic, but in Pidgin you have a Socks 5 proxy setup.

Also, you marked this as solved but your last comment doesn’t seem to indicate that. So is it solved by disabling the proxy in Pidgin?

Hello, unfortunately, after making various modifications in the proxy window, nothing is working. I’m really losing hope…

A proxy is a server between you and the server you’re connecting to. This is something that is not typically needed. Are you certain that you need to use a proxy?

I apologize for the delay in my responses. Indeed, in the proxy settings window, I disabled “Automatically detect settings” and I have internet access without a proxy. In the account proxy modification window, I set the type to “proxy”. However, the result is still the same. I still don’t have access to the contact. Could you please translate this text into English? Thank you.

If you have direct internet access and don’t need to use a proxy server, then your proxy settings should not be set.