Why/how does Pidgin still support Google Talk?

How come the code remains?

Due to the way logging is setup, if we removed the plugin it would make chat logs for google talk completely inaccessible via Pidgin and would require users to manually search them on their file systems.


Do you have the Q&A plugin installed? I’d like to set that as the answer to the question.

We have that plugin installed but it’s only on the support category, so I moved this topic there to make it as solved.

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Sorry to bother you. Does this mean there is a plugin to make GoogleChat work somewhere? I poked around on Discourse, Github - #75, Youtrack but couldn’t find a solution. I did find on Source force libgooglechat.dll in the plugin directory with 6/18/22.
Renamed original as old and 6/18 as .dll - without date but it still didn’t work so I must be missing something or I’m reading the response incorrectly. (If you need someone to test something I’m happy to, just not super technical, just enough to follow directions and get into trouble. Currently running 2.14.12 - :slight_smile: ) Holly275

There is GitHub - EionRobb/purple-googlechat: A Google Chat protocol plugin for libpurple/Pidgin/bitlbee/whatever unfortunately google changed the way authentication worked awhile ago and this plugin hasn’t been updated for it yet so it doesn’t work at the moment.

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Ok thank you. I was hoping :stuck_out_tongue:

@Holly275.agha, https://www.beeper.com/ is a great alternative for now.