Pidgin Message Window crashing

Debug Window shows:
(23:26:32) util: Writing file prefs.xml to directory C:\Users\Silencer\AppData\Roaming.purple
(23:26:32) util: Writing file C:\Users\Silencer\AppData\Roaming.purple\prefs.xml
What i need to do to fix this?
Using latest Pidgin Version 2.14.12 for Windows

Can you share what were you doing when it crashes as well as what plugins you have loaded?

Login to a Messanger Account. A Small Window opens with no Text and Pidgin closes/crashes. Debug shows the Errors above. Plugins are the ones wich are in Pidgin integrated i think?

Well the Facebook Messenger plugin doesn’t come with Pidgin. That said those log messages in the debug window are unrelated.

We would need a crash report to have a better idea of whats happening here. Unfortunately that’s an involved process to get one. But if you’re up for it, the instructions can be found here.
Thats the pidgin.RPT File

Looks like this got opened as an issue in the flist project which was going to be my suggestion. After Reinstall Pidgin Crash · Issue #197 · fchat-pidgin/fchat-pidgin · GitHub