Pidgin 2.14.13 has been released!

We’ve released another bug fix version of Pidgin, version 2.14.13. This release has many random bug fixes so be sure to check out the full ChangeLog below.

You can find links to the download from our Install page.

  • Fix compile warning (Wcast-function-type). (RR 2225) (Markus Fischer)
  • Fix memory leak originating in purple_prefs_connect_callback. (RR 2226) (Markus Fisher)
  • Don’t use the Real name as a candidate for the SASL username in IRC. (RR 2535) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Don’t link with libgadu unnecessarily. (RR 2684) (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
  • Make collapsed groups searchable in the buddy list. (PIDGIN-7877) (RR 1494) (Belgin Știrbu)
  • Fix incompatible type conversion errors. (PIDGIN-17850) (RR 2944) (Jaroslav Škarvada, Elliott Sales de Andrade)
  • Stop removing -Wall from CFLAGS. (PIDGIN-16593) (RR 2946) ) (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
  • Updated the spell checking dictionaries on Windows. (Gary Kramlich)
  • Resolved the crash on exit under Windows by reverting to the old toolchain. (PIDGIN-17710) (Gary Kramlich)