Phantom buddy in Buddies menu - who or what is it?

Hi! Why am I seeing LibraryH3lp in my Buddies list? Who or what is that?

Based on your other contacts, it looks like that entry has an alias set. If you hover your mouse cursor over it, you should get some more information that might clear things up.

If you need to change the alias, you can right click on it and either delete the text that’s there to unset the alias or add a new one once you’ve figured out who it is.

Thank you! I will check :slight_smile:
A related question - why do I see myself in my own Buddies list?

Generally speaking you have to add yourself, so I’d guess your service administrator set that up by default?

Maybe so :thinking: He said not to worry about either of those Buddies entries, so I moved both into a folder and labeled it Misc :smiley: Out of sight, out of mind :+1:

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Thank you for your assistance!

You’re welcome, glad to hear it got somewhat solved… :smiley: