Linux Pidgin very slow to restore connection after wake from sleep

In Windows, the contact list instantaneously goes into disconnected/reconnect mode, after wake from sleep, and soon it reconnects.
In Linux, it stays “connected” for a long while, misleading the user into believing that the connection is live. Then it goes into disconnected/reconnect mode and after a while it reconnects.
Is this by design, and if it is, could you change the Linux behavior to be the same as Windows? If not by design, then what should we do to make Linux Pidgin work the same as Windows?

This is supposed to tied into network manager and using that to determine network connectivity. Do you know if you have network manager installed and/or what version it is?

I’m not sure if we have a fallback if network manager isn’t installed, so that might be the issue here.

Network Manager is not present. BIOS device names are enabled in the kernel. IP address is static.

Okay, if there’s no network manager it’s most likely going to be falling back to tcp timeouts which are very long.

Great to know! How do we fix that?

Well that’s what the network manager integration is supposed to do.