Info on the Pidgin protocols


Is Pidgin capable of connecting to the WhatsApp, Telegram X, and Facebook Messenger protocols using the full functionality of these instant messaging systems?



As I posted on the Sourceforge forums before I made them readonly.

As far as “full functionality” goes, the answer is probably no. At a minimum, basic message functionality exists with some level of support for additional features. But all of the protocols you mentioned as handled by third parties and links to those projects can be found here Plugins

I think main idea of Pidgin is to presents ‘shared’, or ‘common’, functionality of protocols. If it implements " full functionality of" every protocol, than you have to check what protocol you are using currently (“currently”, not “for contact/buddy”, because one buddy can be reached by many protocols).

Yes that is a thing. But pidgin 2 isn’t capable of support all features of all clients right now. There is a large amount of refactoring that’s happening in the Pidgin 3 development branch to try and correct as much of this as possible.