Ibis 0.2.0 has been released!

We are please to announce that version 0.2.0 of Ibis has been released. It was actually released on 2024-06-09 but I forgot to make this post…

Downloads are available on Sourceforge.

  • Freeze the notify signal in Client::disconnect until we’re done disconnecting (RR 3223) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Allow callers to set our cancellable or use our own if one wasn’t set (RR 3226) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Fix some memory leaks in unit tests (RR 3232) (Markus Fischer)
  • Add more items to the constants (RR 3230) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Add libidn to our build image (RR 3233) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Linkify all of the links in ibisconstants.h (RR 3234) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Use g_utf8_make_valid to handle weird encoding issues (RR 3239) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Add a transifex config (RR 3242) (Gary Kramlich)
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