HASL 0.3.0 Has been released!

We just released version 0.3.0 of HASL our Hassle-free Authentication and Security Layer library!

Downloads are available on Sourceforge


  • Add Gs2Header for parsing GS2 Headers. (RR 2548) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Make sure that mechanism subclasses are HaslMechanisms. (RR 2555) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Rollback libidn to 1.38 as that’s the newest version that FreeBSD has. (RR 2657) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Add version macros and exports to all functions. (RR 2675) (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
  • Do some Meson cleanups done elsewhere. (RR 2806) (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
  • Remove micro versions from Since tags. (RR 2999) (Elliott Sales de Andrade)
  • Add a test to run gi-docgen check and fix the issues it found. (RR 3038) (Gary Kramlich)
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