GoggleChat in Pidgin

I changed my password for gmail and now I can’t use Pidgin’s Goggle Chat (Incorrect username or password; PW works fine logging into Google). When I try to follow the directions/text link to get the OAuth Code, code 404 is returned. No matter what I try I can’t find Programatic_Auth, Set-cookie, oauth_code. Logging out of the browser and back in, I still can’t find the referenced items to re-paste the string. I updated Pidgin to latest and the plugin doesn’t look like it has changed so I’m stuck. Looks like multiple people are also having the same issue? (indicated on Utube link conversation - [00:41] Hangouts oauth any% speedrun [WR] - YouTube). Something change in 2023? (I miss my pidgin :slight_smile:

I’ve added a comment to the github issue for the upstream project that should help clarify the situation.