E-Mail Migration

As you may have guessed now that we have a Discourse instance, we are replacing our GNU Mailman mailing lists with Discourse. I know not everyone is going to agree with this decision, but it’s much easier to run and maintain a Discourse instance than it is to keep an e-mail server and mailing lists running especially when it comes to spam and just making sure the large providers will accept your e-mail.

The plan is to update all links to the mailing list to this instance. Once that’s done, we will be shutting the mailing lists down and switching to a new e-mail provider that will just be forwarding a handful of addresses and sending bounce responses to the mailing list addresses.

We have completed just about all of that work, so we are now announcing that we are shutting down the mailing lists on January 20th, 2023. that is 11 days from today. We apologize for the short notice and were hoping to give more notice, but it’s been difficult to figure out this timeline.

We’re still learning Discourse as we go, so please bear with us as we get it all set up!