Adium alternatives?

hello everyone,
I am a blind user of the Libpurple library (if I can say so). Before I used Linux but I couldn’t operate this system anymore, but one app that I miss beyond belief is Pidgin. Now I am on MacOS, and there’s Adium but the app seems dead. I wanted o write my own app in Swift, but I am so stupid I cannot even find the docs for lib purple so where I am going? I am searching for either an alternative that will let me use Purple plugins, or the docs that will let me write my own. For now, I will just host Linux VM on Parallels to use Pidgin.
P.S. I don’t use the Mac version of Pidgin as I am blind, and this app is accessible only on Linux.

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Interesting, I didn’t realize Pidgin wasn’t accessible on macOS, sorry about that. On the plus side Pidgin 3 (still in development) will run as a native macOS application and I believe, but need to test, should be accessible. That said it’s going to be awhile regardless.

If you still want to go down the path of a new macOS front the documentation for libpurple2 is in the Pidgin 2 documentation here. But note that pidgin2 and of course libpurple2 is in maintenance mode. I have a blog post describing that in a bit more depth here but basically everything has changed in purple3 and we’re not looking to add new features to purple2.